Thursday, March 21, 2013

16 Awesome Conky Configurations

I have been a huge fan of Conky. For those of you who have no idea about it, here is what the "Setting up Conky" webpage has to say about it:
Conky is a system monitor for X originally based on the torsmo code. Conky can display just about anything, either on your root desktop or in its own window. Conky has many built-in objects, as well as the ability to execute programs and scripts, then display the output from stdout. 
Conky is available for various Linux distros. The beauty of Conky lies in the fact that it can put just about anything - emails, appointments, disk usage, processor speed, temperatures - on your Desktop and make it look awesome. There are tons of customized scripts and configurations available online. In this post, I present some of the best ones that I have come across.

Infinity by harshit1990

notifyOSD Conky by bigRZA

Cowon Conky by bigRZA

Conky, Conky, Conky by YesThisIsMe

Conky Config by didi79


Conky Lua by despot77

Conky Config by ashokgelal

Gotham Conky by psyjunta

"Rings" Meters for Conky by londonali1010


My Conky Config by londonali1010

Crunchbag Conky by quickdraw

Ballon conky by iacoporosso

Helix Conky by figman

Conky Launchpad by freeazy

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